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Comedian Jerry Caruso


  Growing up in Lynn, MA Jerry Caruso always had an interest in comedy.  Beginning to be funny at the age of 12, he would impersonate different celebrities at the St. Patrick’s Elementary School schoolyard.


  Entering high school, Caruso didn’t lose his sense of humor as he continued to make students laugh at St. Mary’s.  Being the life of the party both Junior and Senior years Caruso would emcee all sports pep rallies, entertain students on the school grounds and was the feature act at the Senior Class Banquet.


  At the age of 24, Jerry placed 3rd in the WVBF “Class Clown” contest out of 100 entrants. After this accomplishment Jerry dove into the world of comedy for a short while by performing at 4 open mic nights at Ding-Ho in Cambridge.


  Finally, at 38, Jerry decided to enter the world of comedy by performing at Nick’s Comedy Stop in Boston on a dare from his co-workers at Digital Equipment Corporation. His successful debut at Nick’s put him back on the road to comedy for good.


  Since 1993 Jerry has performed for many Boston based comedy groups as well as different comedy shows throughout New England and New York.  His unique mix of celebrity impressions, song parodies, and standup comedy has brought laughter to audiences at many different venues.  In 1994, he co-founded “Comics for a Cure” with Toney Markus. From there on, Jerry put his God-given talents to good use by organizing and performing at comedy shows for non-profit organizations. And, since 1999, Caruso has been teaching comedy at three community colleges, has been acting for Murder Mystery USA (2001-present), and, has been a motivational speaker to support groups, hospitals and medical staff on “Laughter is the Best Medicine” (2002-present).


  If you want to laugh out loud then come to see Jerry Caruso perform live on stage. From talking about his Italian life, listening to his thoughts on aging and rock n’ roll bands in their 50’s and 60’s, hearing impressions of celebrities, rock n’ roll stars and politicians along with some clever song parodies, you will have more than just a good time.


  His high energy may scare you but don’t worry he’s on meds!



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